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Firearms Shipping

Ready to get some work done but need clarification on how to get it to us?

1) As an individual: You can ship via FED-EX or UPS to our shop in Sturgis, SD. If you go this route; we suggest that you provide a prepaid shipping label for the return shipping. Sending it with a label will help expedite the process and ensure that you get the completed project back on your timeline. For individual shipping you MUST provide a photocopy of your drivers license, we are only authorized to ship to the address that you shipped from.

If you send a prepaid label: Select the “Prepaid Shipping Provided” shipping option.
If you do not want to do a prepaid label: Select the “Customized Firearm Individual: $30” shipping option.

The ATF has a provision that allows firearms owners to ship their firearms to FFLs for repair and customization. However they ARE NOT authorized to use USPS.

2) If you are uncomfortable with shipping the firearm yourself, contact a local FFL and ask them to ship it to us. Depending on their “Shipping/handling” charges this may be a cheaper option. Have your FFL contact us at [email protected] to exchange our FFL information.

If you decide to go this route: Select “Customized Firearm FFL: $10“.

All of the Shipping Options are for the return shipping.

Our address is:

Kilo Arms, LLC
1110 Industry Road Unit C
Sturgis, SD 57785