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Frame Modification Options


A glove bevel is a modification that opens up the trigger guard to allow more room for a gloved hand. The removal of material also gives the feel of a smaller frame.

    Our undercut is performed by removing material underneath the trigger guard. We not only create more clearance in an upward direction, but also take material out where your knuckle lies against the trigger guard. This modification gives a more comfortable feel and may allow for a better grip of the firearm if your hand is just a little larger than the frame is made for.

    A memory cut is done by removing material in front of the undercut. We create a notch that allows for the index finger of your support hand to fall into the same position every time.

A double undercut is the combination of doing the undercut and memory cut on the same firearm.

      The Enhanced Undercut can be performed on Glock frames with or without finger grooves (as seen in the photo of this G20 as a Enhanced Double Undercut).

The big difference between the undercut and enhanced undercut is the extended/wrapped finger groove. This mod helps to give a smaller feeling frame.