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Ghost Gunner 3 is a general purpose CNC mill that gives you the ability to finish 80% receivers and frames with ease, in the comfort of your own home.  Ghost Gunner 3 is a complete redesign based on the successes of the GG2.  GG3 removes material 5 times faster than GG2 and the new unibody construction provides greater rigidity, drastically improving finished part quality.  Optical limit switches and pre-loaded, self-aligning ballscrews allow it to deliver advanced positional accuracy.  The custom spindle is powered by a specially designed closed-loop digital VFD, which sets a new standard in desktop CNC machining.

The machine accepts g-code from most CAM post-processors, and supports tool diameters up to 8 mm (~5/16”).

Included with the GG3: A DD USB with all our latest software. ER-11 collet nut, 5/16″ allen wrench, 3mm ball-end allen wrench, 12mm wrench, 17mm wrench, 6′ USB A-B cable, 6′ three-prong power cable. Laptop not included. Shipping is a flat rate of $100 in the United States. The machine dimensions are: 270mm / 425mm / 380mm.

By placing this order, you reserve your unit in the next production run of machines with expected delivery in Q4 of 2021.

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